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Membership Benefits (for Individuals & Family Members*)

  • Historical Review
  • Claims Administration
  • Advocacy
  • Ongoing Bill Review
  • Benefit & Coverage Highlights
  • Access to MCL Service Team
  • My MedClaims Secure Website
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First we get more money back from your insurance carrier on claims or lower your medical bills. Then you pay a percentage of what we've gotten for you.


Buy a block of hours and use us as you wish, when you wish.


Annual Membership Fee plus a percentage for any money we've gotten for you from medical bill reductions and claim reimbursements.

Membership Fee

Annual Membership Fee:


5-Hour Block Rate:

Annual Membership Fee:

Plus $50 for Each Additional Family Member

33% of Reimbursements and Bill Reductions†

Reimbursements include incremental funds applied toward the member's deductible.

Covered by Block Rate

20% of Reimbursements and Bill Reductions†

Not Included with Trial

Covered by Block Rate

20% of Reimbursements and Bill Reductions†

Not Included with Trial

Covered by Block Rate

Not Included with Premier

Appropriate for Those Who

Have large outstanding medical bills and have reimbursements to be recovered and want to see what MCL can do on an historical basis at no out-of-pocket cost.

Have a few challenging issues to tackle and prefer a traditional advisory relationship.

Often incur large medical expenses, see doctors out-of-network and want MCL's services both on an historical and ongoing basis.

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* Family Members include additional covered person(s), and are limited to a policy holder and family members under the same insurance policy as the individual Subscriber on the MCL Member Agreement. Benefit highlights are not included with the Trial. Surrogate memberships are available in the event you want to purchase a membership on behalf of another person.

** For Historical Review, we go as far back as individual payors allow.

Reimbursements are funds remitted to Covered Members, their beneficiaries, or healthcare providers on a Covered Member's behalf, including amounts applied to Member's deductible.

MedClaims Liaison does not guarantee coverage, coding, or reimbursement and may decline a review at its discretion.

Membership benefits & pricing on this page are effective as of 10-1-2012