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What exactly do I get with my Premier Membership?

Premier Memberships include:

  • Historical Claims Review – We review all of your past medical expenses to make sure you have been properly billed and reimbursed.
  • Ongoing Claims Administration – We continue to review your medical expenses moving forward, filing claims and negotiating bills where appropriate.
  • Advocacy – We appeal to your insurance company or employer, where appropriate, to ensure you are being treated fairly and pursuant to your health plan.
  • Other services such as Alternative Payment Solutions, as well as HSA/FSA/Cobra/Medicare Advisory, are covered under certain, but not all, membership plans.

How much does each Membership Plan cost?

Learn more about our different Membership plans

How do I know which of the three Membership Plans are right for me?

A few guiding principles below may be helpful:

Membership plans are structured based on out-of-pocket sensitivity levels. The Trial Plan is for those who do not want to pay a lot out of pocket, but are more willing to pay us once we perform. MCL would provide a historical review of past medical expenses and claims. The Premier Plan is for those who know they have had large and ongoing expenses. This plan would include both historical and recurring medical expenses review. Lastly, the Pay-As-You-Go Plan is designed for those who have had large medical expenses and expect a great amount of return. In this plan, MCL bills in blocks of time, has no contingency fees, and what we recover is 100% yours.

To learn more about the different membership plans available, please visit the Membership Benefits pricing page. Or just give us a call at 1-855-MCL-4YOU (855-625-4968) and let our member service reps help guide you to the right plan.

How much does a Trial Membership cost?

A Trial Membership allows you to see how we perform without any cost to you, unless we get you money back from your insurance company or reduce outstanding medical bills. Trial members share 33% of any reimbursement or bill reduction with MCL. You keep 67% of every cost reduction.

In what increments is a Pay-As-You-Go Membership billed?

The Pay-As-You-Go Plan is billed in 6 minute increments, similar to how law firms bill. All hourly billing will be to the tenth of an hour for time spent.

How long does it take to sign up?

Signing up is easy and only takes a few minutes. It depends on how many family members will be covered under our service, as well as on the complexity of any medical expenses you have incurred.

Contact a member service rep online or over the phone to begin the quick registration process. Contact Us

What happens if I have not saved any of my bills? Can you still help me?

Of course! Copies of your past bills are not necessary for us to do our thing. They simply allow us to get started more quickly. With every Member, we take the names of all of the providers you and your family have visited. We then contact each provider to request copies of all medical bills processed during the past year (and longer, if appropriate).

How far back can MCL go to adjust my bills and reimbursements?

It depends. Every insurance policy has different rules on this. It is in our interest to test the limits – in the case of one prominent carrier, we have gone back three years!

Who does MCL work with?

We aim to maximize benefits at the patient level – however, providers, plan administrators and other parties are all beneficiaries of our service – and are all clients. To learn more about how we work with different parties.

Does MCL underwrite or sell insurance?

No. MCL is neither an insurance carrier nor an insurance broker.

Does MCL provide advice on which doctors I should see?

No. MCL does not give medical advice. MCL offers administrative and advocacy services on issues relating to medical billing and reimbursement.

Does MCL provide support for Medicare and Medicaid?

MCL has expertise on Medicare-related issues. Medicaid is not a focus of our business but we welcome you to call us with any questions. If we can be of assistance, we will be happy to do so.

What about my additional insurance policies?

MCL understands that many people have supplemental coverage and, in some cases, tertiary coverage. We are accustomed to working with numerous types of coverage. We enjoy navigating the complexities of multiple policies!

Can MCL help me with my HSA/HRA/FSA?

Yes. Depending upon which membership type you select, MCL will help you navigate these benefits.

Once I sign up, what do I need to do?

Relatively little. Just provide us with the medical bills you would like us to begin working on. If you do not have the medical bills, simply provide us with your providers' phone numbers and we will get copies of your bills and start working on your behalf.

Will MCL review my medical bills and tell me what I owe?

Yes. MedClaims Liaison will review your medical bills for you. Where appropriate, we negotiate reductions in balances due and propose coding adjustments to providers. It is important to note, however, that MedClaims is not a bill-paying company. Ultimately, the responsibility for actually paying the bill rests with you, our clients.

When am I billed?

After you have paid your initial membership fee, you are billed after confirmation of receipt of a bill reduction or reimbursement. We will notify you 10 days prior to billing you and give you the option of payment via check or credit card.

Am I able to request my own MCL representative?

Yes. However, we do not recommend this. MCL employs numerous highly qualified professionals. We believe that we can provide better, faster service by allowing our entire team to be accessible to you. Certainly, in complex reimbursement cases, there will be a senior manager who is responsible for your matter and with whom you can have contact.

Will MCL help me choose which health plan is best for my family?

No. MCL is not an insurance broker or reseller.

Does MCL need my social security number?

No. Your social security number should not be necessary for us to manage or negotiate your medical bills and claims.

How do I pay for MCL service?

MCL will collect your payments using the credit card you provided during registration. You may also pay by check for Pay-As-You-Go, and Premier Fee. If this is your method of payment, please notify a member service rep. For all Premier and Trial Members we must collect your credit card number.

Can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time. However, even after cancellation, MCL will be entitled to be paid for any reimbursements or savings on work we started on your behalf.

Will my health records be kept private and confidential?

Absolutely! MCL complies with all HIPAA requirements. Confidentiality and Security are at the core of our mission.

Will MCL share my health records with anyone?

MCL is focused on medical expenses – NOT medical records. If we need to access your health records as part of an appeal on your behalf, those records would only be discussed with the doctor who performed the service and your insurance companies from whom we are trying to procure payment. In the event that you are covered by an employer-sponsored plan, we may benefit by interacting with your employer. But, in no way, will we ever speak to your employer about your medical records without your express, written, authorization.

What is MCL’s security policy?

MCL has comprehensive security and privacy policies and is HIPAA compliant.

Can MCL help me even though I recently changed my health insurance?

Of course. MCL routinely works with members who have changed insurance carriers or have multiple insurance carriers. MCL will also continue to work with your previous insurance carrier to recover reductions and reimbursements.

How long does it take for MCL to get money back for me?

Typically, we are able to show results within 60 days. However, every situation is completely different.

When will my membership become effective (active)?

In the case of the Trial Membership, we begin working once we have a signed HIPAA authorization form, MCL Member Agreement, credit card information and medical bills or provider names to begin working on your case. Other membership levels go active once we receive valid payment.

When can I change my membership?

You can change your membership at any time by contacting MCL. All work in progress will stay under the original membership fee schedule, but all new work can be done under the new membership level. Contact Us

When can I add a family member?

You can add a family member at any time. The most common addition to memberships comes from the addition of a newborn.

Can I remove a family member? (ie. Divorce)

You can remove a family member from your MCL membership at any time by contacting MCL. However, even after removal, MCL will be entitled to be paid for any reimbursements or savings on work we started on their behalf. Contact Us

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