Privacy and Security

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A letter from our founder

The single most important principle that we at MedClaims Liaison (MCL) adhere to is trust. We understand that our Members trust us to provide them with a very personal service and expect us to protect their sensitive, confidential information. That is why I, the founder of MCL, serve as my company’s Chief Privacy Officer.

We take privacy very seriously. We explicitly train and audit our staff to ensure that they protect information as if it were their own. We do not share, sell, trade, exchange or rent your email address or any other personal data to anyone for marketing purposes or otherwise. When we hire vendors to support us in delivering our services on your behalf, they are under strict agreements and are never allowed to use your information for any purpose other than helping us to help you.

It should be noted that to better serve our clients, MCL collects and aggregates only de-identified data – the data does not contain any personal information from individual patients. This is done in order to identify statistical trends around reimbursements for specific conditions across insurance carriers and across states. While your personal data is never sold to anyone, MCL may share de-identified information or aggregated data with a third party, such as a patient association, which advocates for patients in a certain region where achieving proper reimbursement is a problem. In no event would your name or any other personally identifying information ever be disclosed in any analytical report.

You can review our FAQ page for more specific questions.

As the Founder of MedClaims Liaison and its Chief Privacy Officer, you have my sincere commitment that MCL will protect and safeguard your information. Thank you for this opportunity to share our philosophy regarding MCL’s privacy and information policy with you.


Nancy Kaye