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Here’s how others have benefitted.

The timeline below represents a sample treatment cycle for
a breast cancer patient, and how MCL helps along the way.

A Breast Cancer Patient

  • Testing and Prelimary Diagnosis

    Performed by Primary Care Physician, Radiologist, Pathologist
    • Primary Care Physician detects “something” and recommends further investigation
    • Patient is usually scared and unfamiliar with their coverage

    MCL Solution: We complete a benefit investigation empowering the patient.

  • Testing Performed by Radiologist, Breast Surgeon, Pathologist

    • Radiologist or Pathologist obtaining a core biopsy or cell sample could be out-of-network

    MCL Solution: We maximize reimbursement, in or out-of-network.

  • Diagnosis Confirmation Performed by Medical Oncologist

    • Patients does not want to wait to see doctor in-network, seeks care regardless of coverage

    MCL Solution: We manage out-of-network claims.

  • Second Opinion Performed by Medical Oncologist

    • Often not covered (even in-network)

    MCL Solution: We work to minimize the out-of-pocket burden.

  • Removal of Tumor Performed by Surgeon

    • Patients want immediate care from the best doctor and best course of treatment, regardless of coverage
    • Surgery means an overwhelmingly large number of complicated and unfamiliar bills for the patient

    MCL Solution: As the advocate for the patient, MCL establishes medical necessity and provides precertification triage. Patient delegates bills to MCL.

  • Reconstructive Surgery Performed by Plastic Surgeon>

    • Surgery is often considered “elective” by carriers if done after initial surgery or if the patient wants prophylactic co-lateral breast removal

    MCL Solution: MCL establishes medical necessity for the patient while patient delegates bills to MCL.

  • Post-Op Radiation Treatment Performed by Radiation Oncologist

    MCL Solution: MCL provides precertification support for novel treatments including biologics that would be administered post-surgery.

  • Post-Op Chemotherapy Performed by Medical Oncologist

    • Coverage for the treatment of certain side effects of chemotherapy is often complicated

    MCL Solution: MCL works to minimize costs of treatment.

  • Long-Term Survival Health Care Provider: Primary Care Physician

    MCL Solution: MCL provides claims management and advisory services for post-op ancillary and outpatient services with DME and Home Health.

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