We do the work for you.

MCL empowers patients without the demand of their continued involvement. Let us maximize your healthcare benefits through our services, including:

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Historical Review

You receive money "left on the table!"

We obtain, analyze, adjust, file and follow-up on your historical medical bills, claims and EOB's ensuring that:

  • You are properly reimbursed
  • It's no problem if you can't find your bills or you can't tell what has been filed
  • We reach your healthcare providers and payors to collect the relevant information on your behalf
  • We go as far back as your payor(s) will allow
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Claims Administration

You receive maximum reimbursements effortlessly!

We work directly with your payors and healthcare providers to properly submit claims and bills on your behalf, since we:

  • Ensure that submission maximizes your potential reimbursement and minimizes unnecessary delays
  • Follow-up with your payors to proactively prevent claims from “falling through the cracks”
  • Dramatically speed up the process when you give us access to your payor's website
  • Do it all for you!
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Ongoing Bill Review

Confusing medical bills are a thing of the past!

We prevent billing issues or easily resolve any that may develop, since we:

  • Review your healthcare policies and when necessary work directly with your healthcare providers
  • Obtain, adjust and resubmit your heathcare provider bills for coding and amounts on your behalf
  • Stay in touch and make it easy for you to delegate your administrative billing and update your profile on My MedClaims
  • Ensure that you only pay what you should and you get what's covered
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We are on your side!

We manage your appeals, pre-authorizations and dispute resolution. You benefit from:

  • Negotiated reductions of medical bills
  • Letters of medical necessity that give you better access to healthcare providers, drugs procedures and treatments
  • Thoughtful and beneficial adjustment of optimal coding to increase coverage or reimbursement
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MCL Support

We are always here for you!

MCL Service Team

Our team is highly trained and has many years of experience. That means, you can give us access to your medical information and know we will get the job done so that:

  • You can focus on your health and your family - not medical reimbursements and administrative details
  • Our experience gives us the best chance to successfully negotiate with payors and healthcare providers on your behalf
  • Our extensive clinical, legal, and administrative expertise strategically increases covered benefits or incidentals you wouldn't have otherwise thought of, like dental coverage for your kids or a wig if you have cancer
  • You can always view your information and give us detailed instructions, or just sit back and benefit from our superior service
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My MedClaims Website

Claim, bill and reimbursement information is personally customized with you in mind since we clearly show you:

  • Benefit Highlights making what you should know about your policy easy to read
  • Real-time updates in a secure and customer friendly format
  • More detail on the things that matter to you (like your remaining deductible)
  • The bottom-line: what reimbursements are coming to you and what you need to pay
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