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Coping with a family member who has addiction is hard enough. Dealing with insurance rejections made the experience overwhelming. The rehab facility, which was supposed to help me, did not appeal my denied claims. They felt that only 10% of those appeals would succeed and that it would be a waste of time to try. I did not fare any better on my own... Hiring MedClaims Liaison changed all that. Not only did MCL get a lot of money back for me, they were highly responsive during the whole process. They were personally attentive to my needs. I cannot recommend MCL enough.

- Julia, New Jersey

I am a recent breast cancer survivor. While I am doing well, I was completely overwhelmed with the paper work associated with my illness. Quite frankly, I did not want to relive my illness. A representative from MedClaims met with me and took my stacks of papers. I cannot begin to tell you the how nice it was to have that burden removed.

In one week I was sent a one page statement which listed all of my providers, accounts numbers and balances – as well as claims that MedClaims submitted on my behalf. I really feel the cancer is behind me now. Thank you MedClaims!

- Alice, Los Angeles, CA

As a working mother of two, I have found MedClaims Liaison to be a must. I no longer have to worry about timely filings and following up with my insurance company. MedClaims has not only successfully appealed claims for me, they have also given me back my time. It has been a pleasure having MedClaims Liaison manage my health care insurance account. THANK YOU!

– Marsha, Westchester, NY

I was recently diagnosed and treated for a serious illness. With all of the horror stories you hear about insurance and medical bills, it was comforting to know that I had someone in my corner with the know-how and motivation to take care of all of my claims and bills. They also saved me hundreds of dollars along the way.

– Robert, New Jersey

I cannot recommend the services provided to us by MedClaims Liaison more highly. They have submitted numerous claims on our behalf, some of which we were not even aware of, all to positive and profitable results. In addition, their professionalism and service has been truly outstanding and my only regret was not using them sooner.

– Walter, Pennsylvania

I have been working with MedClaims Liaison for several months now and have been very pleased. I had two claims from doctors’ offices for items which my insurance denied coverage and were threatening to go to collection. All I did was fax the claim paperwork to MCL and sign a waiver form authorizing them to act on my behalf. Within a couple weeks I received notice that the insurance company had agreed to pay the claim and all the collection notices went away.

I have tried dealing directly with insurance company claims departments in the past but have never been able to get any resolution. The process was time consuming and apparently designed to have the claimant give up and pay. It was a huge relief to find a service that knows the ins and outs of the process and can deal with the red tape of medical claims on my behalf.

My experience with MCL has been exceptional and I would highly recommend their services.

– Arlene, New York, NY

I couldn’t have been happier with our experience with MedClaims Liaison. It was easy, secure, and reimbursed me with far more than I anticipated. I can’t imagine taking the time and having the resources to have done these claims on my own. I recommend them completely.

– Catherine, New Jersey

I run a small business outside NYC, and my wife is my partner. We were faced with a couple of issues: 1- My wife and I find ourselves working the business pretty much 100% of the time, so things we thought were simple became quite daunting, like collecting our benefits. Typically this task fell to the bottom of our to-do list. 2- We demand a lot of our employees, most have young families, and we don't have an HR group that can assist them with their benefits. Any perk we can offer them we want to explore. The MCL promise was one we felt would compliment our health benefits offering and would actually put more cash into our employee's pockets, which it has done. The feedback from our employees has been very positive. I have heard from more than one that they have received money that they had previously written off.

In addition my wife and I are extremely pleased with the service for our family. They recovered money for dental work for our kids that we had no idea was covered, fought to get my physical therapy covered, and have also worked to get reimbursed for my wife's homeopathic doctor (and with Oxford, that is no small feat). I think MCL is a truly amazing service – well-conceived and seamlessly executed. I highly recommend it. It is one of those businesses, that when I heard about it, I wished I had thought of it.

– Jason, Bedford, NY

My most dreaded job is submitting healthcare insurance claims, following up, and reconciling. I thought I would never have a solution. A friend introduced me to MedClaims. They have alleviated the pain, annoyance, and stress of dealing with my insurance company and FSA. I no longer have to worry about submitting claims, and dealing with claims that were not processed correctly. I feel like I have someone on my side when it comes to health insurance. And they do it in a timely, friendly, effective manner. It paid for itself immediately!

– Margie, Chicago, IL

After years of aggravation trying to deal with the bureaucracy of insurance companies, doctors and labs - after all those stultifying phone calls and faxes - we finally found Mitchell and Nancy Kaye of Medclaims. They are honest, bright people who, because they actually understand the business of medicine, are able to cut through the endless red tape involved in these transactions. For a reasonable fee, Medclaims makes sure that we are treated fairly and that our rights are upheld. We fax them our receipts and they take it from there. They've really taken care of us.

– Donald & Libby Fagen, New York, NY

When I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer two years ago, I knew that the treatments would be difficult. I did not expect that dealing with the insurance company and the medical bills would be so stressful and totally time consuming. All I wanted to do was take care of myself and reclaim my life. The bills accumulated and I became more overwhelmed, and even embarrassed. When I spoke with Nancy she put me completely at ease. She and her team took over my pile of papers and began checking with insurance companies and hospitals - hours of work I know. MCL gave me peace of mind and enormous relief.

– Noreen, Glen Ridge, NJ

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