Maximize your benefits
in four easy steps.

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1. Sign Up

Enrollment is easy! Contact us now and an MCL representative will help you get started today.

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2. We Stay In Touch

As you visit your healthcare providers, or receive medications and treatments, you simply notify us through the user-friendly and personalized My MedClaims or through the MCL Service Team. We do the rest.

3. We Do The Work For You

your reimbursement process

We do the work for you throughout each step of the medical reimbursement process. We work directly with your healthcare providers and payors to obtain, adjust and resubmit your bills and claims ensuring that you only pay what you should and that you get reimbursed as much as possible. We manage your appeals, pre-authorizations and dispute resolutions. We review your medical bills for accuracy and your insurance plan for benefits, negotiating reductions where appropriate and identifying ways to maximize your access to goods and services.

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4. You Receive Your Reimbursements

Reimbursements come directly to you from your payors or your healthcare providers.