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MCL’s core focus is providing health care reimbursement management services to maximize third-party payment for beneficiaries. Thus the benefit of our services extends beyond individuals and families.

See how we work with the following parties:

young family

Individuals & Dependents

Individuals and families are at the core of our business – we fully manage the reimbursement process on behalf of our clients, and work to ensure that clients:

  • Pay only what they owe
  • Are reimbursed to maximum extent possible
  • Have no administrative burden associated with their healthcare plan
  • Have full transparency into the process

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healthcare providers

Healthcare Providers

Working with providers, we serve as a trusted, knowledgeable resource for the patient base. We fill in important gaps in the revenue cycle:

  • We make sure the patient is aware, from the beginning, what he or she may owe, and to what he or she is entitled.
  • We manage all reimbursement activities on behalf of each patient to reduce out-of-pocket burden.
  • In situations where the traditional billing process has been unsuccessful, MCL may avoid the use of (and negative goodwill associated with) collection agents by working as an advocate for patients, maximizing their ability to pay for services.

As a result, MCL’s provider clients experience:

  • Increased earnings potential
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Better relationships with their patients

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MCL offers its services to small and medium sized business. In addition to days spent at the doctor or out sick, health problems can affect productivity at work as employees are forced to deal with the hassle of medical bills and claims during work hours. For companies, especially those offering professional services, this wasted time represents a real economic cost. The introduction of MCL into a company results in:

  • A happier, healthier work force
  • Improved productivity
  • A true sense that an employer cares about employee well being

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Distributors & Manufacturers

MedClaims Liaison works for medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors by providing reimbursement services with superior customer service that ensures the needs of individual patients and providers are met. Our reimbursement team expedites and expands access to drugs, devices and services when patients need them. All patient and provider reimbursement needs are addressed through a single representative to ensure complete follow through and a successful outcome. MCL reimbursement services to manufacturers and distributors include:

  • Medical and presciption benefit verification
  • Prior authorization assistance
  • Billing and coding support
  • Payor policy tracking
  • Appeals management

These customizable services are supported by MCL reporting on utilization trends, payer coverage trends, and benefit investigation results. MCL is results oriented to provide accelerated access to products through comprehensive reimbursement support.

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financial intermediaries

Businesses & Intermediaries

MCL works with certain financial and insurance intermediaries to manage health care insurance reimbursements on behalf of their clients:

  • Financial advisors
  • Attorneys (Family, trust and estates)
  • Wealth managers
  • Insurance brokers

MCL can create a customized “private label” offering for these firms, especially those in the financial services. Making MCL’s service available to demonstrates that advisors are taking a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to their clients well-being, and can provide a competitive edge.

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writing a check


MCL actually improves the efficiency of the reimbursement process by eliminating unnecessary appeals and reducing wasted time and administrative costs for payors. We provide expertise to streamline the process, and more importantly, approach each claim with a collaborative spirit.

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